Why it always Connecting to

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The internet connection is very needed by most people. Some providers also participated by providing a variety of internet services. With the promise of cheap internet promo and strengthened 3.1 Mbps speed connection, Esia offers a product that is Max-D. The advantages of the most interesting is Max-D modem for a relatively affordable price only Rp. 99,000, – and quota per month internet package that is affordable, ranging from Rp. 10.000, – to Rp. 500.000, -. All packages are enforced speed 3.1 Mbps internet. Wow … I myself was shocked and tried to use the Internet the product of Bakrie Telecom. However, after I subscribed to 7 GB quota package for Rp. 100,000, I felt there was something strange. All my outgoing connection is slow, once I browse there was a request from an IP is Some of internet forum said that thus IP is unsecure and have a slow server. Who owns the IP is still my question, even Esiaspot did not answer what the purpose and intent of the act. I was only given a solution that is ipconfig / flushdns. It’s as guess as to for fool especially for me ..

Hahahaha ….. I also still have a brain and can think. There should the solution I get is “NO MORE REQUEST FROM IP”. I am very afraid of the security of my data, including cookies and my privacy. Hopefully with this all parties can understand why the internet is provided by Esia so cheapest.


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