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Tips for paying Hosting Billing

October 15th, 2012

This time I will give a few tips, for those of you who have domain hosting bills or a provider billing. Sometimes clients have paid and the provider to confirm but have not done an update on your billing, because of his work to forget to check billing or there may be other factors, so they can create confusion in the future, it could be detrimental to the client, because it is paying but was told to pay more

Here are tips:

1. If your client Networks of hosting and domain provider, good always cross check on the client area / billing support. There you can see how your bill, and on how much maturity.
Due Date = Due Date

2. Also check your email, because every transaction will be undertaken in support of billing, client will certainly receive email notification of the bill, as well as confirmation of payment.

Sample Email already make a payment:

there stated your payment for the period / month what.
There is also a Paid status, which means you are making payments.

3. Save a screenshot or proof of your payment slip from the bank as payment ATM / cash deposit or a screenshot of Internet banking.

4. After payment bill recheck your area client, whether it has been updated their bill anything yet, if it has not been updated in 1x24jam, you should immediately report to the provider, to be immediately updated.

5. Try to pay the bills before the due date, so the maximum on the maturity date. Because usually the account will be suspended / deactivated as if the past due date.

Enough tips from me, if something is missing can be added later, may be useful